Thee Embassy of the State of Kuwait in the Lebanese Republic has called on all Kuwaiti citizens who are there to take maximum precautions and caution, permanently collate their residence, and adhere to the instructions and directives issued by the competent Lebanese authorities, in the wake of the explosion incident that occurred in the Beirut seaport earlier today, Tuesday.

In the statement, the Kuwaiti embassy called the Kuwaiti citizens to call the emergency phone (0096171171441) in case of any need for help.
She expressed deep sorrow for this incident, beseeching to the Exalted, the Exalted, the gracious that the dead be blessed with his mercy and dwelling in his heavens, and for those suffering from a speedy recovery, and for the protection of Lebanon and its brotherly people from all harm.
A large explosion occurred in the Beirut seaport inside a bunker depot, according to the official National Information Agency