The Deputy Director of Kuwait Field Hospital, Dr. Fawzi Al-Khawari said that the hospital works in a compatible manner and parallel to the plan developed by the state in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, which had the greatest burden in implementing this plan and harnessing all departments, and attracting specialists to address the “emerging corona” virus, in permanent coordination with all state agencies to address the pandemic.

Al-Khawari explained that “the results that we are seeing now are very reassuring, and the number of patients is declining, and we hope that everyone will continue to follow the precautionary measures, so the concerted government and public efforts have contributed to limiting the spread of the virus.”

He stressed that dealing with the virus requires community solidarity and cooperation with the medical staff, by adhering to and following health procedures and requirements, including wearing masks, physical distancing, and avoiding mixing in public places without need.

He stated that “Health” has dealt responsibly with this pandemic, took the initiative, and put in place cautious controls since the spread of the virus in the Chinese city of Wuhan, sending a message to society that the responsibility for containing the virus does not lie with the Ministry of Health only, but is the responsibility of the whole community by following Health requirements.