Local Arabic news paper Alqabas reported that within the framework of the government plan to cleanse the labor market from random employment and adjust the demographics, the security authorities have intensified their efforts to control residency dealers who are registered with companies without headquarters and without real activities on the ground.

Security sources exploded a heavy caliber surprise, revealing that the recent security efforts resulted in the seizure of 450 fake companies and their files were transferred to the investigation authorities, and as a result, 100,000 residents will leave the country until the end of 2020, after referring their registered companies to investigation authorities on charges of residency trade. This means that there is no real job for them, as well as putting security restrictions and closing codes on their files.

The sources told Al-Qabas: that since the intensification of security moves at all levels to besiege the residence trade in an unprecedented manner during the last period, about 450 companies and institutions have been referred to the investigation authorities through 300 cases. The sources added that by checking the files of those companies and institutions, it was found that they had about 100,000 workers registered with them, and all of them had no real work, but rather they obtained residency through those fictitious companies in exchange for money, and then they went to work outside the scope of their companies, indicating that these The outcome is considered the first of a serious and wide move to amend the demographics, control the residency dealers and transfer random workers, and other drastic steps will follow.

Constant inspection The sources indicated that the Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Administration of Residency Affairs, referred 535 persons, including 55 citizens, to the investigation authorities for their involvement in these cases, pointing out that the inspections and checks on phantom companies and farms are still ongoing, in cooperation with the competent teams at the Ministry of Affairs, indicating Many of these farm files are a gateway to the residence trade.

The sources pointed out that some of these workers actually left as soon as they learned that their companies and institutions were transferred to the investigation authorities, and they will not be able to return again, and the rest are waiting for the airspace to open for them to leave. The sources told Al-Qabas that the residence trade file took a completely different direction from the previous one, and that the General Administration of Residency Affairs, in cooperation with the General Administration of Residency and Manpower Affairs, and the relevant teams at the Ministry of Affairs are determined to move forward to eliminate the residence trade file.

The sources estimated amounts amounting to about 66 million dinars that these fictitious companies earned during the two years 2018-2019, as it was found that about 30 thousand workers were brought in from Arab and Asian countries, with a total proceeds of about 45 million dinars, as the price of one visa is about 1500 dinars for some nationalities and more For other nationalities, while residency permits were made for about 70,000 residents inside the country, with a total of about 21 million dinars. She pointed out that leadership instructions were issued not to tolerate residences dealers and hit with an iron hand on any company whose file turned out to be fake, and intense coordination is currently underway between the Ministry of Interior and other concerned authorities to control residences dealers. Intense format newspaper learned that intense coordination is taking place between the Ministry of Interior and the concerned state authorities to besiege the residency dealers and to seize companies registered on paper only, pointing out that there is no retreat from the plan to eliminate random employment in the country. Expanded campaigns soon The competent security agencies have developed a solid plan to arrest the residency violators who failed to benefit from the last deadline (leave safely).

This plan will include places and areas that house the majority of them. Sources said: The launching of the campaigns will soon be based on a new and different approach from all previous campaigns against residency violators. Mock farms Informed sources revealed that coordination took place between the General Administration of Residence Affairs and the teams affiliated to the Ministry of Affairs to launch inspection campaigns on farms, confirming that the investigations and information indicated that the majority of farms are involved in the issues of residency trafficking

Source: https://alqabas.com/article/5792123