The American Bloomberg Agency said that the young, emerging company, DNANudge, specializing in DNA testing, which was trying months ago to establish its place in genetics, became part of an attempt to make British hospitals safer during the Corona epidemic.

According to the agency, the company won a contract worth 161 million pounds, or 211 million dollars, in exchange for supplying 5 thousand devices and cartridges to examine Corona virus patients in hundreds of National Health Service hospitals in Britain. The agency quoted Christopher Tomazo, professor at Imperial College London and founder of the company, as saying that this contract is the culmination of long months of effort in order to equip and develop a machine the size of a toaster to analyze the main parts of people’s DNA, so that they can adapt to food systems commensurate with Their genetic make-up. He explained that his laboratory will be used in the next stage, to find out whether patients who arrive to hospitals to perform surgeries or to receive cancer treatment, or to perform any other procedures, their bodies contain the Corona virus, explaining that after coming out of the Corona epidemic crisis, everyone will enter new world.