The Arabic local newspaper Al-Qabas reported that, the government developed a plan to address the defect in the demographics, which requires dispensing with 530 thousand expatriates, as part of a strategy of many items, which was reviewed by the Minister of Social Affairs and Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel yesterday during the Parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee meeting.

The plan did not set a timetable for implementation. The plan is based on government solutions for the short, medium and long terms, including the deportation of workers in violation of the law, estimated at 120,000, and the reduction of employment or family members who are over 60 years old or suffering from chronic diseases, whose number is 150,000, and getting rid of illiterate or low-education workers. ,

And their number is more than 90 thousand. In addition to resettlement of the private and public sectors, with the gradual replacement and stimulation of 160,000 jobs. Data reviewed by the Minister at the meeting showed that the growth rate of citizens over 15 years reached 55%, while the growth rate of expatriates during the same period reached 100%, which is a remarkable paradox that calls for accelerating the treatment of the shortcomings of this file.

The head of the Resources Committee, MP Khalil Al-Saleh, said that the committee asked the government to clarify the timetables for implementing its plan, and that the committee is awaiting the government’s response to this in order to complete its report next week before submitting it to the council for approval.