The Ministry of Interior (MoI) at the start of 2021 is expected to replace old driving licenses with new state-of-the-art ones for about two and a half million people, comprising one million and 650 thousand expatriates and 800 thousand Kuwaiti citizens, reports a local daily.

The new driving licenses are likely to incorporate the latest technology with distinct specifications including modern security features that adhere to international standard ISO-18013. This measure would make forgery difficulty.

The daily, quoting sources, said that citizens and expats can get their new driving licenses at the traffic departments in various governorates and also through the electronic machines installed at the Avenues Mall and Al-Kout Mall. Issuing of the new licenses also cover the renewal or replacement of lost and damaged driving licenses at these locations. As part of receiving these licenses for all citizens and expats, a person will have to pay all outstanding fines for traffic violations recorded against the driver, and review the provisions associated with the law. All driving licenses obtained illegally or under exceptions will be rejected, and those people discovered with a license, who did not meet with the conditions of the license at the time of issuance, will have to present their identification documents online. Also, renewals will not be allowed for those who changed their profession for licenses that were issued after 2013. A grace period is allotted to replace the old licenses with new ones, as the old licenses become invalid, said the daily.