The General Administration of Security Relations and Information at the Ministry of Interior announced that a person had been arrested on charges of trafficking in narcotic substances.

In a statement, the administration stated that information was received by the General Administration for Narcotics Control (the Local Control Department) that a person without specified nationality traded in narcotic substances in the Salmiya area, and after monitoring, investigations and verifying the accuracy of the information received, legal permission was taken, seized, and the place searched, and 1,000 were found. A gram of chemical, 5 grams of hashish, 5 grams of alum, Captagon tablets, tramadol and a firearm, and an amount of 1200 dinars from sale proceeds.

In the same context, another person of undetermined nationality was arrested after the necessary investigations were made and the accused was monitored, and he was arrested and searched. A kilogram of chemical narcotic substance, a sensitive scale and nylon bags were found ready to be filled. Accordingly, the defendants were transferred, the seizures were seized, and referred with the accused to the competent authorities.