Moscow is preparing orders for more than a billion doses

While Russia announced yesterday that it had succeeded in developing the first vaccine against the “Corona” virus in the world, and that 20 countries had previously requested more than a billion doses of it, informed sources revealed to local news paper”Al-Rai” that Kuwait is not among the twenty countries.
The sources pointed out that «the Ministry of Health in Kuwait is in constant contact with the World Health Organization regarding the vaccines that are being developed.

And Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the vaccine in Russia, stressing that it is “sufficiently effective and gives sustainable immunity.”

To give him confidence, the president confirmed that one of his daughters received the vaccine he called “Sputnik in”: “Sputnik” after the name of the Soviet satellite, which was the first spacecraft to be placed in orbit, and “in” represents the first letter of the word vaccine in foreign languages several.
Whereas the Russian Ministry of Health confirmed that the double vaccination “will allow the formation of long immunity” that may last for “two years”, the Russian sovereign fund, which is involved in the process of developing the vaccine, announced that its industrial production will start next September, and that 20 foreign countries have previously requested “More Of a billion doses »of it, indicating that the third phase of the trials begins today, Wednesday.
For its part, the World Health Organization expressed a cautious position, calling for respecting “clear guidelines and directives” in producing the vaccine.
“We are in close contact with the Russian authorities, and talks are continuing,” her spokesman, Tariq Yasarevich, said during a press conference. The stage prior to licensing any vaccine passes through strict mechanisms.
According to the Russian authorities, teachers and medical personnel will start receiving the vaccine from this month before putting it into circulation on January 1, 2021

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