The Arabic local news paper Alrai reported that A security source revealed to Al-Rai that “the number of residents whose residency has fallen while outside the country has increased, because they did not benefit from the Ministry of Interior’s decision regarding online renewal to about 75 thousand,” indicating that “the responsibility rests with them or their sponsors who did not renew the residency.

Through the website of the Ministry of Interior, which provided them with the opportunity and took into account all legal and humanitarian aspects.
Regarding the fate of families whose residency (joining the family) is linked to the residency of expatriates that have fallen, the source said, “We are awaiting the decision to re-issue visas and return airport traffic to find solutions and study their files separately.”

Regarding the new residency law, which was approved by the Council of Ministers the day before yesterday and submitted to the National Assembly, the source emphasized that “it is a great victory to address the defect of the demographic structure through practical steps on the ground, especially as it includes a complete vision and regulates the presence of residents in the country, each according to his situation. , It also takes into account the legal and humanitarian aspects, without affecting their presence in the country.
He pointed out that «the law allows the foreign investor to reside for a period of 10 years after studying the feasibility of his project and is granted immediate residency and renewed as needed, in addition to that there has been no amendment to Article 13 regarding the residence of foreigners for a period of 5 years and is renewed or not according to the procedures that the Ministry considers. Interior ».

And on the fees for renewing residency and entry visas, the source explained that “determining them awaits the issuance of the law, and then the issuance of the executive regulations that specify the fees for entry visas and visit cards.”