Indian airlines companies Air India and Indigo scheduled 12 flights to India from tomorrow till Monday, 17th of this month.

As per the schedules announced, Indigo will operate 5 services until coming Monday while Air India will operate seven schedules.

The schedules are below:

13th August 10:55 – Kochi – Indigo

14th August 12:25 – Chennai – Indigo

14th August 14:15 – New Delhi – Air India

14th August 16:25 – Vijayawada – Air India

15th August 06:55 – Bhubaneswar – Indigo

15th August 14:15 – Mumbai – Air India

15th August 16:25 – Hyderabad – Air India

16th August 06:10 – Jaipur – Indigo

16th August 16:25 – Chennai – Air India

16th August 16:25 – Bengaluru – Air India

17th August 16:25 – New Delhi – Air India

17th August 16:30 – Hyderabad – Indigo

All the bookings are direct with the airline offices in Kuwait.

In addition to this, Kuwait Airways and Jazeera are also operating flights to India.

Air India:Tel: 22456700,Email: [email protected]

Indigo Tel No. 22260250, Email: [email protected]

Please note that information on more flights including to other destinations follows. Please continue to connect to Embassy helplines for updates.