The Kuwaiti Ministry of Education has approved the academic calendar for the new year 2020/2021, which includes the start of working hours for all employees and students of various academic levels and registration of home students, as well as holidays and official holidays.

In a press release today, Wednesday, the Ministry affirmed its keenness to sterilize schools before the start of teachers’ attendance and to equip and clean the scientific departments in preparation for receiving teachers for the completed academic year 2019/2020, announcing that training courses have been held for teachers and students to train them in the skills of using the (TEAMS) program for distance learning.

She also stressed the keenness to apply all health requirements before entering schools, to provide masks, sterilizers and gloves, and to apply the rules of social distancing in implementation of the instructions of the Council of Ministers regarding permanence in the current stage of returning to normal life, as well as preparing a program to book appointments to review schools to ensure that auditors are not crowded.

New academic calendar:

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