The Public Authority for Civil Information has called on holders of civil cards to speed up their receipt, so that it can store 220,000 civil cards ready for storage in 55 machines in its branches in South Surra and Jahra.
The director of the Civil ID Production and Distribution Department, Jassem Al-Mithen, told Al-Rai that the authority issued 220,000 civil cards in 27 working days, from July 5 to Wednesday, August 12, of which 130,000 cards were delivered through 55 devices. There are 15 devices in the Al-Jahra branch and 40 in the headquarters in South Surra.

He explained that the devices’ storage capacity is 275 thousand cards, with 5 thousand cards in each device, revealing that there are 160 thousand cards until yesterday, waiting for their owners, pointing out that the authority dispenses 9 thousand cards per day at the headquarters only, and is expected to increase to 12 thousand cards In the next stage for the return of normal life to the country.
He said that the process of issuing the card of the child who has reached 5 years and needs a personal photo, as well as the treatment of the lost one, requires the personal presence of its owners to check and prevent manipulation or forgery, in order to preserve the civil registry of the state, and to protect the owners of transactions.
Al-Mutathin pointed out that the Commission, under the directives of its Director General, Musaed Al-Asousi, in facilitating transactions and distributing as much as possible, has opened the way to receive civil cards from 9 am to 5 pm, calling on everyone to speed up their receipt so that the authority can store other quantities of cards.
He added, “The problem that we face is from the auditors coming to receive the card without making sure of its readiness,” calling for calling the switchboard on 1889988 to make sure the card is ready. He explained that if the exchange mentioned that the card is being issued, then this means that it is not stored in the delivery devices, and therefore there is no need to attend the card holder, and wait only days, stressing that the authority receives ready-made card holders in the evening, without setting an appointment, as a convenience. For the reviewers.
He explained that priority is being given to handing over civil cards to citizens, servants and those without a card, in addition to newborns, loss allowances, and first-time registration, because they are most in need than others.
He emphasized that the “My Identity” application gave citizens and residents the freedom to deal with governmental and non-governmental agencies, as the digital civil card is approved in the completion of transactions, provided that the original card is renewed, calling on everyone to use it as it provides safety and speed in completing transactions, without the hassle of reviewing or carrying the card. Civilian which may be damaged or lose