The Arabic local newspaper Alqabas reported thatBoth the Society of Engineers and the Public Authority for Manpower have taken a decision to suspend the approval of engineers ’certificates of Indian nationality temporarily after discovering the falsification of some papers and transactions and the use of illegal methods to obtain a work permit in the name of engineer.

Relevant sources confirmed to Al-Qabas that the Society of Engineers observed that some residents of Indian nationality had obtained the title of engineer despite his refusal to treat him because his university degree did not match the conditions. It stated that the preliminary information in the case that was transferred to the Ministry of Interior indicates the existence of fraudulent seals of government agencies by Asian individuals who live in the Fahaheel area and sell them to the owner of the transaction, and they are attached to companies and the work permit renewal.

According to the sources, the association previously observed that Indians forging engineering accreditation papers and transferred them to the competent authorities, in addition to a number of university degree forgers, most of whom work in the oil sector. The association refused to approve the certificates of 3,000 Indian because they did not comply with the conditions, while about 7 residents of Indian nationality were referred to the Public Prosecution on charges of forgery, whether their university degrees or official papers and records. The sources pointed out that the “3 thousand” Indians were transferred to other professions that match their university degrees, whether technicians, labor, drivers,etc.