KUNA – Kuwait Municipality announced today, Saturday, the launch of a comprehensive cleaning campaign in all governorates, starting tomorrow, Sunday, for a week, with the aim of raising the level of public hygiene.

The municipality said in a press release that it will organize intensive field tours that include various cleaning activities such as hand sweeping, removing waste and garbage, washing and sterilizing containers, and monitoring daily cleaning work in markets, investment, commercial and crafts areas. She added that the tours include following up the road works towards lifting the discarded cars and scrapes that are offered for sale from squares and squares, in front of schools and exploited places for storing cars. She stated that the campaign will continue to implement the safety requirements of the properties under construction by fencing those sites and making sure that the rubble is placed in their designated places.

The municipality stated that the campaign will continue until the sixth of next September and will implement the integrated work plan that was developed in the various governorates during the morning and evening periods, in conjunction with the implementation of the fourth phase of the gradual return to normal life. And she emphasized that the specialized monitoring teams will intensify their field trips to monitor all sites under construction, whether they are for construction work in private housing, investment and industrial buildings, or the work of contracts concluded between the various state ministries and approved contractors to follow up the implementation of the regulations, conditions and safety regulations, and violating trespassers on state land

Source: https://alqabas.com/article/5796768