A consultant ophthalmologist at Jaber Hospital revealed Dr. Yousef Al-Dhafiri that the incidence of eye diseases in Kuwait is high, due to the spread of other diseases that affect eye health, such as diabetes, pressure, and a number of other chronic diseases, in addition to the country’s climate, especially in the summer and high temperatures.

Al-Dhafiri announced in a press statement that he will soon launch a book “Medical Illuminations in Eye Health”, in which he explains the problems of eyes, their treatment and prevention.

He said that the book contains a number of chapters that talk about minor eye problems, their treatment and prevention, through medium-strength eye problems, and access to major problems.

He added that the book also deals with surgical interventions and explains to the patient how to perform eye surgeries, as well as how to perform them using modern technical methods such as LASIK, femto-LASIK and other technologies that have helped doctors in the modern era.

Dr. Yousef Al-Dhafiri said that he preferred to write the book in an easy and smooth language that everyone could understand, indicating that he moved away from complex scientific terminology, in order to achieve the goal of the book, which is to reach a larger and wider segment of the audience.

Al-Dhafiri stressed that the health culture, especially that related to eye health, is very important and necessary, so the owner of a health education can easily avoid everything that harms his eye, indicating that a patient who has a good health culture is better able to heal faster, due to his quick understanding of the medical instructions from the doctor and their implementation Literally