The Ministry of Electricity and Water announced that it has secured fresh water for the Shuhada and Hateen regions from alternative sources until the completion of the repair of the fracture that occurred in one of the main fresh water lines in the South Surra region yesterday evening.

The ministry stated, in a statement, that “the fracture occurred due to one of the contractors not affiliated with the ministry, while he was carrying out some work in the South Surra region, during which he broke one of the main lines of fresh water, and the necessary measures are being taken against him.”

The Ministry of Electricity indicated that the breakage was isolated and the leakage stopped by the ministry’s emergency team, and work to fix it, which results in the weakness of fresh water in the Shuhada and Hateen areas until all work is completed.

On the other hand, informed sources in the ministry indicated that a number of employees of the Administrative Development and Training Department in the planning, training and information systems sector were dissatisfied with the transfer of their work site from the second floor to the ministry’s basement and the removal of the Follow-up and Development Department to replace the financial observers.
She explained that the transfer of the development department’s employees to the basement after 20 years at their site will be temporary until a new place is prepared, but the issue of preparing a new place may take a long time, stressing that the new site for the department’s employees is not suitable for the work environment for a vital department that is interested in developing and training the Ministry’s employees.

The sources stated that the site of the administration’s employees is currently being prepared to transfer the financial observers of the Ministry of Finance, numbering about 10 employees, calling on officials in the ministry to reconsider their transfer so that the work of the administration is not affected