With the end of the partial curfew, specialists are encouraging society to remain aware of COVID19 risk to overcome the next stage, as individuals are now given the freedom to enjoy a number of activities outside. However, exercising caution remains the way to overcome the corona virus crisis, and a guarantee to prevent another curfew again. Many are enthusiastic to return to normal life, so some have decided to go out to their favorite restaurants until late at night, and others decided to visit shopping malls to shop without the restrictions of the partial curfew. While adherence to health instructions is necessary to avoid increasing the number of infections and avoiding returning to the ban phase.

local news paper Al-Qabas asked doctors about the best way to deal with the current situation, and the consultant in the Internal Medicine Department at Dar Al Shifa Hospital, Dr. Muhammad al-Mousawi said that the most important advice is not to be complacent in the new phase that follows the lifting of the curfew, as community members must continue to take health measures and follow the Ministry of Health’s instructions of social distancing and wearing masks.

Al-Mousawi stressed the need to wear masks, wash hands frequently, and stay away from crowded places, as individuals must stick to the house and only go out when necessary, “as this commitment reflects the level of healthy awareness of the community that is keen on protecting its children, family members and relatives, and urgently required is the cooperation of community members because responsibility falls on both individuals and the state.

The number of infections is still relatively high, with deaths recorded daily, and Kuwait has to carefully watch the experience of the countries of the world who have lifted the lock down measures, as some of them are currently experiencing a second wave of COVID19 infections. Many countries in the world that decided to return to normal have been forced to restart a total or partial curfew due to the increase in the number of infected people after mixing. Therefore, adherence to health instructions is vital to avoid reintroducing the curfew