The Banker magazine announced the top 5 Kuwait banks in terms of performance during 2020, as part of its annual classification of the performance levels of Arab banks, which have succeeded in achieving returns that exceeded 15 percent of the capital.

This classification is based on monitoring and measuring the relative weight of eight performance determinants, which are: growth rate, profitability rate, operational efficiency, asset quality, return on risk, liquidity, sound financial position, and leverage rate.

According to the The Banker classification, the Kuwaiti banks with the strongest domestic performance came in the following order, the National Bank of Kuwait ranked first, followed by Kuwait Finance House (KFH) in second place, Gulf Bank in third, Burgan Bank fourth, then Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait in the ranking. Fifth.

On a collective scale to monitor the levels of “return on assets” (ROA) and “return on capital” (ROC) within the same classification framework, Kuwaiti banks’ combined performance came in fifth place in the Arab world with 1.19% in terms of returns on assets, and by 10.36. Percent on the level of returns on capital, while the ranking of banks in Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan came before their Kuwaiti counterparts in this regard. It was noted that Kuwaiti banks were absent from the list of the twenty strongest Arab banks performing this year, which is the list in which Egyptian banks had 10 different positions, while the other ten places were distributed among banks from Iraq, the UAE, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and Qatar.