The Ministerial Committee for the Implementation of Health Requirements took 5 new decisions in the framework of following up the gradual return of activities. 

The director-general of the municipality, Ahmed Al-Manfuhi, said in a statement to Source that the committee decided to reopen restaurants, shops and some activities, according to the dates that were set before the Corona pandemic, and allowed restaurants to work for 24 hours, and to reopen massage institutes and chapels in the complexes, Whereas, the shops in the private housing areas are obliged to close at twelve in the middle of the night.

. Restaurants are back to work 24 hours
• Restore activities and stores on dates that were before the pandemic
• Allow prayer rooms to open in complexes
• Allow massage institutes to return to work
• Shops in private accommodation operate until midnight

Al-Manfuhi asserted that hookah is still not allowed to be served in cafes for customers, pointing out that the issue of the return of sports academies has not been discussed