While the Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of State for Economic Affairs, Maryam Al-Aqeel, is working to impose more control over the labor market, by issuing new requirements related to the transfer of labor from one employer to another and the issuance of work permits, yesterday she launched a new path within the government vision to address the imbalances of the composition Population, through the Tamkeen initiative to strengthen national mechanisms for good immigration governance, and to facilitate the internal flow of labors.

Al-Aqeel said during the launch of the initiative document, yesterday morning, in the presence of 4 parties participating in it, namely the General Secretariat for Planning and Development, the General Authority for Manpower, the International Organization for Migration, and the United Nations Development Program, “This initiative comes as one of the steps to amend the demographics, as it is part Important, its effects appeared during the Corona pandemic.

She indicated that «the project helps to strengthen the pillar and the global position of the State of Kuwait, within the framework of (Kuwait Vision 35), because national mechanisms for good governance of immigration will be strengthened, and to facilitate the movement of the internal flow of workers from all levels and to improve this experience», pointing out that «this stage The first of the document, called Tamkeen, aims at fair recruitment and empowering national agencies to update evidence-based policies and program increased national efforts to improve institutional governance for expatriate workers.

Regarding the contents of the initiative, she indicated that “the updates accompanying the initiative will address weaknesses in the automated system, which was evident during the Corona crisis, as thousands of expatriate workers were exposed to exploitation. It also includes a social compliance scheme aimed at promoting fair employment as well as clearly defining the contractual relationship between Workers and employers ».
She emphasized the importance of the initiative in helping the Manpower Authority to govern, in addition to fulfilling Kuwait’s national and international obligations by modifying the safe paths for workers in Kuwait, to the extent that it benefits them and employers.

For his part, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Planning, Dr. Khaled Mahdi, said, “The signing of the Tamkeen initiative comes to continue the march in addressing the housing structure and labor market imbalances.”

He pointed out that the government has submitted an integrated project to the Human Resources Committee in the National Assembly, so that there will be a road map for reforming labor market imbalances, and thus their effects will be reflected on the housing structure in the State of Kuwait, both on the national and non-national components.
Mahdi added, “The initiative is part of a road map that was presented and approved, which consists of a set of stages, the first of which is the existence of a system that applies international standards for the approval of recruitment to the State of Kuwait under a larger project, which is the (smart recruitment) project, which improves the quality of expatriate workers coming to Kuwait and ensure that they are It meets international standards. ”

Regarding the stages of the initiative, he indicated that “one of the most important first stages is the introduction of recruitment agencies, the application of international standards to them, and the accreditation of recruitment agencies for these workers before their entry into the country, in addition to other components related to promoting fair employment within the State of Kuwait