Arabic local news paper Alrai reported that The weekly cabinet meeting which takes place every Monday will be presented with evaluation of the fourth stage of the plan to return to normal life according to a health report in order to prepare for the approval of the transition to the fifth stage.

Despite the beginning of the signs of a second wave of the Corona epidemic in several Arab and Western countries, as a result of which the authorities of some countries were forced to re-impose preventive measures, health sources confirmed that the health conditions in the country are good and reassuring, and that the rates of cases The infection is within the expected numbers. Stressing the need for citizens and residents to have social responsibility and the necessary awareness to limit the spread of infection.

Regarding the fifth phase, the sources reported that allowing some activities such as sports and health clubs along with personal care stores such as salons were moved from the fifth phase to the fourth phase on 18th August along with total removal of curfew.

This does not mean that the epidemic has ended or its severity has decreased, but rather to make society understand the necessity to coexist with the epidemic by following precautionary measures.

With regard to the airport and the return of commercial flights, the sources confirmed there has been continuous evaluation regarding the situation globally and regarding travel procedures, updating them, and reviewing the list of 32 countries from which travelers are prohibited from entering directly based on the reports of the health authorities.