The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr.Abdullah Al-Sanad, confirmed that the increase in cases of Coronavirus is expected during this period, and this is what the health system takes into consideration in light of the monitoring of some manifestations of failure to take preventive precautions and health requirements during the exercise of various activities in Everyday life.

Dr. Al-Sanad emphasized that the ministry takes into account all possibilities according to local and international scientific readings, which are being prepared by specialized technical teams and committees that work throughout the day, explaining that the incidence of people infected with the virus, whether in designated wards or in intensive care, increased at a rate of about 5 % Over the past week.

In this context, Al-Sanad indicated that health indicators indicate that we are still in the first wave, taking into account the possibility of a second wave in the event of non-compliance with preventive precautions, explaining that we have to realize that the occurrence of this “second” wave is not related to the arrival of winter.

Al-Sanad clarified that the health system, based on its duties, is monitoring the developments of the epidemiological situation locally and globally accurately, and that we confirm in this context that prevention is achieved through adherence to the five health requirements of physical distancing, maintaining constant hand washing and disinfection, and wearing masks in public places in accordance with the decisions. The ministerial organization organizing this, and the recommendations of international health organizations in this regard, as well as the importance of providing all means of prevention and protection for groups of people at risk, including the elderly, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases and those suffering from weak immunity, and not to go out except for the most urgent necessity.

In conclusion, he stressed the need to follow up adherence to health requirements and all preventive means to the fact that the virus has not ended its activity, and that infection rates re-increase in some regions around the world, which necessitates the need not to be complacent and take utmost care and caution to cross this stage according to the best results.