Apple launched a new virtual fitness service and bundles for all of its subscriptions called “Apple One”, to focus the company more on services that have become the backbone of its growth strategy and to target home-based customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company also offered for the first time its new, sixth-generation Apple Watch, which measures the level of oxygen in the blood, and will sell for $ 399, and a less expensive model called the Apple Watch S.E at $ 279.
The cost of the “Apple One” package will be $ 15 a month for the individual plan and $ 20 for the family plan, and will include TV, music and games. Apple also provides a package for $ 30 per month that includes on top of that news, fitness service and more storage space.

Apple said that the new watches can be ordered from Tuesday, and that they will be available from Friday.

The company has also launched the “Apple Fitness +” service, which works on its watches, and will provide virtual fitness exercises for ten dollars a month or 80 dollars a year and will be available before the end of the year.
Apple clarified that all fitness exercises will be designed so that they can be practiced without any equipment or with minimal equipment.
The new model for the iPhone, the company’s best-selling product, is expected to be announced next month after executives said the launch would be delayed by several weeks due to disruptions related to the pandemic.
Apple shares have risen strongly this year as the Corona virus has paralyzed economies across the year, as the company benefited from a boom in sales of devices used to work from home.