The head of the Parliamentary Human Resources Development Committee, MP Khalil Al-Saleh, revealed to Al-Rai the features of the committee’s final report on the demographics, which will be voted on today and submitted to the Council immediately, pointing out that the committee’s report was added as a deferred item on the agenda and the report was not distributed.

He said: The committee has set a period of six months for the government to start implementing the demographics law, which depends on two paths: the first is to replace Kuwaitis in jobs and the second is to reduce the number of expatriates, provided that the plan is completed within 5 years.

He stressed that the report called on the government to determine the minister responsible for the file directly, instead of the dispersion of competencies and the diversity of responsibilities, calling on the government to focus efforts, even if it was necessary to cancel the government committee on demographics, which was established since 2014 and did not solve the problem.

Al-Saleh explained that the report will make sure to reduce the number of arrivals while taking into account the requirements of the market and not disturbing its needs and that no reduction will affect the market, indicating that there will be coordination with Kuwait University and the application to direct towards the needs of the market.