Kuwait: Local Arabic newspaper AlAnba reported that the Human Resources Development Committee transmitted its report on the draft law regarding the organization and management of the demographic composition, after its approval.

The law stipulates that the Council of Ministers shall determine, within six months from the date on which the law came into effect, the maximum number of expatriate workers, in order to maintain the relative weight in total to the number of citizens, and the relative weight of each nationality from the expatriate workers separately.

The law stipulates that the Council of Ministers should correct the conditions of expatriate workers who exceed the needs of the labor market in terms of qualifications, specialties, professions, crafts and various work in the three sectors (government, private and oil) within five years from the date of the law’s implementation, provided that the government provides rehabilitation and training centers and strengthens them to be Kuwait is comprehensive, and the law excluded some categories

Source :https://www.alanba.com.kw/ar/kuwait-news/parliament/994679/22-09-2020