The Arabic local newspaper Alanba reported that The Ministry of Health adopted a mechanism to deal with the situation of its employees stranded abroad on the basis of considering those who were unable to return after the expiration of his leave during the period from March 12 to June 29 included the official holidays and rest days determined according to the civil service circulars, provided that allowances are deducted (such as the watch allowance, reward Training, shift allowance, food allowance).

Under the mechanism, they are granted periodic leave within the limits of the due balance starting from June 30, followed by a special leave without pay, taking into account that the periodic leave does not exceed 90 days during the year 2020, and that the special leave is granted after the end of the “periodic” period of not more than 15 days, and after confirmation. Of not getting it during this year.

The mechanism stated: After the employee has exhausted his due leaves or in the event that the conditions for granting those leave are not met, he is considered cut-off from work with a compelling excuse and is not entitled to his salary pursuant to the wage-for-work rule, with deduction of all allowances that do not take the salary provision for the period of compulsory quarantine.

As for the employee who is granted periodic leave after June 29 and was unable to return to work due to the suspension of flights, he may request granting him a special leave without pay, not exceeding the maximum of 15 days, and the leave can be requested by phone or by any other means, provided that his salary is stopped After extending the periodic leave or in the absence of balance, the extension is permitted.