British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new restrictions in the face of the rapid spread of the emerging corona virus, including closing restaurants at ten in the evening, warning of taking “more stringent” measures.

The British Prime Minister, who faced criticism for his delay in announcing the closure in the country last March, warned before Parliament that Britain “has reached a dangerous crossroads.”

In an attempt to reverse this phenomenon, restaurants will close at ten o’clock, starting from Thursday in Britain.

“I am sorry that this will affect many institutions that have resumed their activities a short while ago, but we have to act,” Johnson told lawmakers.

After urging residents to return to work to contribute to moving the wheel of the economy, the government changed its position and asked individuals to work remotely if possible.

The government has also postponed public attendance at sporting events that were scheduled for next month.

As of Monday, more than 15 people are banned from attending weddings, a maximum.

The wearing of the muzzle will be mandatory for taxis and workers in shops and restaurants, and the fines will be tightened.

A fine of 200 pounds (218 euros) will be imposed for not wearing a mask or gathering more than six people, and if necessary, the police will seek the help of the army.

Six-month restrictions

The government’s scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, warned in a televised speech that Britain, the country most affected in Europe by the virus, is registering a double-digit increase in cases every seven days.

He added that if the epidemic continues this trend, “we will reach 50 thousand cases per day by mid-October,” compared to six thousand currently, according to estimates, and this situation may lead to “200 deaths a day or more in mid-November.” Johnson announced that the measures announced Tuesday would be applied “for perhaps six months,” warning that “stricter steps may be taken” if no progress is made.