Amid the human and economic losses caused by the Coronavirus, Taiwan’s response to the epidemic stands out as a successful model while most countries, including some of the world’s largest economies with much greater resources at their disposal, continue to struggle with the new outbreak, according to Bloomberg. .

Now, Taiwan’s attention has shifted to helping the rest of the world, via the Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Board, or TAITRA platform, which brings together thousands of medical instrument and device manufacturers and many health institutions under a common umbrella to combat the Coronavirus.

According to Bloomberg, Taiwan has responded on humanitarian grounds and as a member of the global community, as it established a council to counter the Coronavirus under the name TAITRA, which is an online platform that includes more than 2,000 related medical industries, factories and institutions.

“The platform provides comprehensive medical resources to help the world fight this epidemic,” says Walter TAITRA, President and CEO.

Proactive actions

The Taiwan government has achieved early success in curbing the outbreak within its shores through a combination of proactive measures, including educating the public and implementing strict protocols around quarantine, testing and treating its residents.

According to Bloomberg, Taiwan’s success in warding off the worst effects of the virus has been underpinned by the welfare of local residents and extensive public health measures, as well as coordinated action from the private sector, which has focused its considerable manufacturing and technological prowess towards fighting the epidemic.

While some Taiwanese companies are ramping up their efforts to produce safety equipment, such as face masks and personal protective equipment, others have provided a variety of technological solutions.

These include thermal imaging devices to detect fever, robots to help healthcare professionals, test kits that speed up results, and cloud technology to provide remote medical solutions and distance learning tools, which have proven invaluable at a time when most of the world’s population was under isolation.