Informed sources in the Ministry of Health revealed that the number of visitors to the Abdali Health Center has increased during the crisis of the Corona pandemic, compared to the rates recorded before the spread of the virus. And the temporary breeze in Jahra.

The sources added that the conditions of the pandemic and the consequences of it during the previous period in terms of imposing a total and partial ban, isolation and quarantine, led to the influx of a large number of citizens and their families to the farms in Abdali, in addition to the presence of companies headquarters in the region or a village thereof, which contributed to Increasing the rates of visitors to the health center.

The sources indicated that the rates of visitors to the center before the crisis of “Corona” ranged between 50 and 70 reviewers daily, pointing out that the numbers doubled over the past few months, and reached 210 reviewers per day, indicating that the center operates 24 hours, while the number of doctors working It includes 6 doctors, to ensure optimal handling of any injuries or illnesses.

In response to a question about the new Abdali Health Center project, the sources clarified that the Coronavirus crisis hindered its implementation according to the previous plans of the Ministry of Health and its future perceptions, explaining that it is planned to serve Abdali farms, land patrons, northern regions and highways, so that the existing center, which consists of Connecting chalets, as well as expanding its space. On the other hand, Corona cases decreased yesterday to 552 compared to 616 cases Wednesday, and 719 Tuesday, thus increasing the number of registered cases to 101,851 cases, while two deaths were recorded, bringing the total number of deaths to 592 cases, and with the recovery of 620 injured, the total number of cases 92,961 cases were cured.