Local Arabic news Paper Aljarida reported that The Supreme Committee for restarting commercial flights at Kuwait International Airport has recorded the return and departure of 197,004 passengers, across 2414 flights since the resumption of operations at the beginning of last August.

The decision of the Supreme Committee to restart commercial flights at Kuwait International Airport, Eng. Saad Al-Otaibi, that the committee is keen to implement the instructions of the health authorities regarding the Corona pandemic, pointing to the success of the continuation of commercial flights at the airport with the cooperation of the relevant government efforts, airlines and ground services companies, based on the approved protocol.

Al-Otaibi said, in a statement, that the number of passengers and commercial flights that took them as part of the airport’s operational plan since the opening of flights on August 1 until the current 23rd reached 197,004 passengers on board 2414 flights, explaining that the number of departures reached 132,627 passengers, and the number Departing flights 1210 flights, while the number of arrivals reached 64,377 passengers, with a total of 1204 arriving flights.

He added that the current commercial operation to and from Kuwait International Airport is limited to 9 countries: the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Ethiopia.

Al-Otaibi explained that the list of banned countries came based on the health authorities ’review of developments in the global epidemiological situation, indicating that the list was reviewed every ten days, indicating that the Council of Ministers approved in its session on the 14th of this month the addition of Yemen, Argentina and France to the list of countries from which passengers are prohibited from entering Kuwait, as has been done. The lifting of Singapore’s name from the prohibited countries, to include the list of 34 countries.

He pointed to the modernization of the procedures for receiving passengers arriving at Kuwait Airport, by setting new preventive measures on the 3 of this month for those wishing to receive their relatives and friends coming through the T4 terminal at the airport, indicating that a rest room has been prepared inside the building for the recipients to sit until the required flights arrive, with commitment Physical distancing and crowding reduction.

Al-Otaibi stated that the validity period of the PCR certificate was finally extended from 72 to 96 hours, to ease travelers and facilitate their travel procedures.

He said that the committee proposed the proposal for short trips, by only having one examination certificate for short trips that do not exceed 4 days, and accordingly the health authorities agreed to the committee’s proposal to suffice with a PCR examination certificate issued by Kuwait for travelers outside it, in which the travel period does not exceed four days. A PCR examination is required upon return as long as the examination certificate is valid, with the passenger complying with health requirements.

Regarding the expatriates, Al-Otaibi mentioned that, in order to facilitate the return of those abroad, and after coordination with the Ministry of Interior, the General Administration of Civil Aviation issued a circular on September 17 to all the parties operating at the airport requiring the approval of the digital civil card issued by the “My Identity” application in the ports, airlines and tourism offices And travel and airports around the world and permission to enter the country using them.

Regarding excluding some cases, he pointed out that children under the age of 6 years were exempt from the PCR examination.

Operating plan

On the plan to restart commercial flights in the country at the present time, Al-Otaibi said that it falls within the framework of operating the first phase, i.e. between 20 and 30 percent, before moving later to the second and third stages, stressing that the three stages depend on the confidence of travelers and the improvement of health conditions in the world. .