The Council of Ministers held its weekly meeting this afternoon, via video call, headed by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled, Prime Minister.

The Council of Ministers listened to an explanation presented by His Highness the Prime Minister on the results of his recent participation in the meetings of the seventy-fifth session of the United Nations General Assembly, representing His Highness the Deputy Emir and the Crown Prince, may God preserve him, through visual communication technology, and the content of the speech of the State of Kuwait that he delivered before the session’s meetings.

In it, he also stressed the firm position of the State of Kuwait in supporting the Palestinian people to obtain their legitimate rights, in addition to condemning all attacks against the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the Houthi militias supported by Iran and supporting all measures taken by the Kingdom to preserve its security and stability, and calling on Iran to take measures To build trust and dialogue based on respect for state sovereignty.

The Minister of Health explained to the Council the latest developments in the health situation with the continued high infection rates of (Covid 19) virus, at the regional, global and local levels, as well as the details of statistics and data related to the numbers and cases of infections in the State of Kuwait, the cases of recovery, those receiving treatment and those in intensive care, as well as the efforts made. By the health authorities to contain this epidemic and prevent its spread in the country.

The Council of Ministers stressed the need to extrapolate global and local developments, which indicate the escalation of the pace of this epidemic and what it requires of taking all precautions, caution and serious commitment to health requirements to avoid the causes of infection and the spread of disease.

The Cabinet instructed the concerned authorities not to take the necessary legal measures to ensure full compliance with health requirements.

The Council also agreed to reopen the Abdali land port for export operations, and to assign the Ministry of Interior in coordination with both the Ministry of Health and the General Administration of Customs to implement the decision. He pointed to the assurance that passengers coming to the State of Kuwait obtain a PCR examination certificate from accredited laboratories linked to the Ministry of Health system, without prejudice to all the controls approved for entry of arrivals into the country.