his week, the Ministry of Health will launch a winter vaccination campaign against infectious respiratory diseases, which includes seasonal influenza and bacterial pneumonia (Nemococcal).

Informed health sources said that the campaign, which will continue until the end of next December, aims to reduce the incidence of infectious winter diseases, and reduce the deaths and complications resulting from them, especially among the groups most exposed to infection and complications.

And she stressed the importance of getting vaccination for seasonal influenza and bacterial pneumonia (Nemococcal), this year due to the spread of the Covid 19 virus, noting that there is no relationship between getting the seasonal influenza vaccination and prevention and protection from the Corona virus, but she confirmed that a person who gets infected with influenza is more vulnerable. To be infected with “Covid 19” disease, especially if his immunity is weak.

She explained that the campaign targets all segments and age groups, especially the elderly and those suffering from chronic non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, heart, high blood pressure, those with weakened immunity, pregnant women, patients with kidney failure, and patients with bronchitis and chest allergies. The sources indicated that vaccinations will be available in more than 35 preventive health centers distributed in all health areas in Kuwait, adding that the campaign will be attended by about 450 doctors, technicians and health workers from the Public Health Department, and other workers in the various sectors of the Ministry of Healtt