The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced today, Monday, that foreign expatriates are banned from working in communications and information technology professions in the private sector in the Kingdom, and that it is limited to Saudis only.

“We have issued a decision to localize the telecommunications and information technology professions in private sector establishments, which will provide more job opportunities for Saudis and Saudi women,” said Minister of Human Resources, Ahmed Al-Rajhi, in a statement today.

An official statement, published by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), said today, Monday, that the ministry aspires to provide 9,000 job opportunities in the field of communications and information technology, and to stimulate its growth.

The decision came nearly two years after a gradual plan to localize the jobs of the communications and information technology sector related to computers and networks, engineering and programming, and about half of its jobs are occupied by expatriates, according to official figures issued at the end of 2018.