The Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of State for Economic Affairs Maryam Al-Aqeel affirmed the earnest endeavor to activate the initiative that was signed last month between the Public Authority for Manpower and the General Secretariat for Planning, in addition to the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations Development Office, to implement the smart recruitment of expatriate workers according to specific requirements It guarantees the quality of the imported ones into the country.

Al-Aqeel said, in a press statement today on the sidelines of her attendance at the hypothetical meeting of labor ministers in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, that last April, the GCC countries agreed on the need to provide an attractive and appropriate environment that would encourage national workers to be present in large proportions in the labor market in the private sector, in addition to To the necessity of reconsidering the mechanisms for bringing in foreign workers to be in accordance with clear and specific controls, ”noting that Kuwait has taken a positive step in this regard through the aforementioned agreement.

National employment

Al-Aqeel indicated that the meeting is the sixth and is chaired by the United Arab Emirates, and the second is held via visual communication during the Corona pandemic, pointing out that the meeting’s agenda includes several items divided into technical and administrative, on top of which is the interest in the labor market in the countries of cooperation, and setting a clear vision The strategy of these countries to address the effects of the pandemic on the Gulf labor market, adding that “the strategy for the previous meeting was approved, and work will be done to implement what was stated in it, foremost of which is the concern for national employment and the development of a mechanism for external recruitment.

International presence

Al-Aqeel explained that the meeting also included a visual presentation by Saudi Arabia within the G20 on the terms of reference of labor ministers, in addition to discussing a very important item that the countries of cooperation are keen to endorse, which is presence and representation in international forums, especially as we are heading to the meeting of the International Labor Organization next May. We seek membership in the organization’s board of directors.

She added that “regarding the administrative axes, the budget of the Executive Office of the Gulf Labor Ministers was discussed, and the date of the next meeting scheduled to be held in the Kingdom of Bahrain was discussed in the alphabetical order of the GCC countries.”