The Kuwaiti passport was ranked 36th in the world in terms of strength for the Arrons Capital Passport Index for the year 2020, equating in the same rank with Paraguay and Saint Lucia, and that the index, which ranks 193 countries, values ​​Kuwait based on the number of countries that a Kuwaiti passport holder can visit. Without a visa.

According to the index, the Emirati passport came in 14th place, to become the first in the Arab world, followed by the Qatari, who ranked 34th in the world, and the Kuwaiti in the third place in the Arab world, while Bahrain ranked 41st, Saudi Arabia in the 44th, and Oman ranked 45.

The New Zealand passport came as the most powerful passport in the world, while the passports of Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland, Japan, South Korea and Australia shared the second place.

The status of the American passport has dropped to 21st due to the US administration’s mishandling of Covid 19, as many countries do not welcome American travelers. It is noteworthy that the index has been updated due to the new visa requirements and the changes that have resulted from Covid 19 around the world and the travel ban.