A recent statistic issued by the Public Authority for Manpower revealed that the joint quartet committee, led by the authority and membership of representatives from the Ministries of Interior and Trade and the Kuwait Municipality, conducted, from the beginning of 2020 to the end of last September, 321 inspection rounds that included all regions of the country, during which it seized 3,953 violating workers.

According to the statistics obtained by the “newspaper”, these violating workers were distributed by 2,617 in the private sector who hold Article (18), and 1,336 domestic workers who carry Article (20), 35 percent of the total violators, indicating that there is an increase Noticeable in the number of domestic workers fleeing the homes of their employers (their sponsors), and working in a different way in the private sector, due to the enormity of the work assigned to them throughout the day, especially after the decision to impose a partial and then total curfew, and the presence of all members The family has been home for long hours, compared to before the ban.

The sources indicated that some of them have expired the work contracts signed by their sponsors, who refused to waive them or leave them under the current circumstances, especially with the severe shortage that the market suffers from this employment, with the continuation of stopping the new visas, and the non-resumption of flights from some countries, including the exported ones. For domestic workers, which are India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.