Since the Ministry of Interior (MoI) launched the online service for renewing residencies due to the suspension of departments as a consequence of the coronavirus, a total of 1,856,390 transactions were completed, including 595,764 residency renewal transactions online from September 29 to Oct 5.

In a press statement, the Public Relations and Security Media General Department at the ministry stressed the continuation of online residency renewal procedures, which is in line with the commitment of the ministry to facilitate procedures for the public, especially in light of the coronavirus crisis.

The department added the security sectors are keen on completing transactions online in order to save time and effort, and expedite completion of these transactions while protecting public health.

MoI officially announced in August that it will extend the grace period for renewing expired residency and visit visas for an additional three months starting from September 1, 2020 for those currently inside Kuwait. The interior ministry had earlier extended residencies and visas until August 31 amid speculation that no further extensions will be given.

The administration clarified that the decision concerns stranded residents who are inside the country only with residence permits (of all kinds) whose residency has expired, as well as those who entered the country under entry visas or visits (of all kinds) and whose entry visas have expired.

All sponsors and employers are urged to amend the conditions of those under their sponsorship and work to complete the procedures for renewing their residency visas, either through the website of the Ministry of Interior or by visiting the residency affairs departments in the governorates. It also calls on all visitors to organize their travel procedures and to ensure that they leave the country before the deadline expires.