The Ministry of Education approved the proposal submitted by Representative Askar Al-Enezi regarding raising the value of the reward for exam correction prescribed for Kuwaiti teachers at the end of the school year to one month’s salary.

The Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Saud Al-Harbi, said in a response referred to the National Assembly, “After studying and studying the proposal submitted by Askar Al-Anzi, the Ministry of Education confirms its firm belief in the noble and pioneering message, whose motto is always the teacher, and it is always proactive towards directing more attention to the cadres Operating in the educational and educational fields, developing their capabilities, the efficiency of the educational process, through setting up educational plans, policies, legislating laws, and supporting proposals that adopt these endeavors.

Al-Harbi confirmed, “The Ministry of Education has previously addressed the Civil Service Bureau to increase the categories of remuneration for some of those charged with exams work at the Ministry of Education and presented the issue to the civil service at its meeting No. 2019, which reported approval of the increase in the category determined for some of those charged with exams, and that this decision shall be implemented as of the exams Academic year 2019/2020 .