The Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) has so far succeeded in issuing 858,000 civil ID cards for citizens and expats of all categories, according to the Director of Production and Distribution Department at PACI, Jasem Al-Mithen.

Since the various PACI departments were suspended for over four months due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a huge backlog in the distribution of civil ID cards, said Al-Mithen. Pointing out that a total of 484,298 civil id cards were dispensed to expats, he noted that over 100,000 civil ID cards for expats still remained in machines waiting to be released,  and that it had become difficult to store more civil ID cards.

Al-Mithen noted that there are hundreds of thousands of requests to renew civil ID cards, including for Kuwaitis, domestic workers, citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and Article 17 holders working in government agencies in addition to diplomats, which is done without granting priority. 

He highlighted a plan in progress to distribute civil ID cards for expats according to their areas where they reside, whether Ahmadi or Jahra, to relieve pressure on the main department in south of Surra.

Pointing out that 191,000 civil ID cards were issued to Kuwaitis over the past period, he indicated that 182,000 were handed over to domestic workers, though there still remains  202,000 civil id cards that have been renewed but are presently stored inside devices.