President of the Kuwaiti Fishermen Federation, Zahir Al-Soyyan, praised the Ministry of Trade’s understanding of the fishermen’s request regarding fish auctions in the Eastern Market, explaining that the importer’s auction will be in the morning after the dawn prayer, and the local in the afternoon, as was the case in the past before auctions were stopped due to the Corona pandemic.

Al-Soyyan said in a statement that the Fishermen’s Union is keen to provide local fish and shrimp to the consumer, pointing out that the auction date is in the afternoon that suits the consumer and the fisherman, and we are keen to implement health requirements in order to preserve public health, and auctions are carried out in the presence of monitoring teams from the concerned authorities.

He expressed his ambition for the coming period to witness an abundance of catches, a revival of the fish market, and for the prices to be appropriate, calling on everyone, whether consumers or owners of stalls and parallel markets, in cooperation with the competent authorities.