The public security sector carried out a traffic security campaign that covered the country’s 6 governorates during the past week and lasted 6 continuous days, and the campaign also included the area of ​​Al-Khairan chalets, Al-Wafra farms, Sheikh Jaber Bridge, Al-Khaleej Al-Arabi Street, the Jawakhir Kabd area and Al-Atal Road, with the aim of imposing security control and eliminating negative aspects And the control of reckless people who endanger the lives of others.

The campaign resulted in the arrest of 267 people for various crimes, the liberation of 1062 violations, the transfer of 14 vehicles to the reservation garage, and the handling of 2,395 reports received from the central operations room of the Ministry of Interior, as well as dealing with 517 traffic accidents, and the establishment of 62 fixed and mobile security points, in addition to The security presence in 668 reports, and the handling of 2,395 reports through the security directorates in the governorates, as well as through the operations of the public security sector.