Arabic local newspaper Alrai reported that The “Joint Committee” team in the Public Authority for Manpower corrupted the atmosphere over the violating workers in the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area, after the inspection campaign on the violators of the loose and infringing workers, where the campaign resulted in the seizure of 26 violators who resided “servants” according to Article 20, and the arrest of 49 workers according to Article 18 works in the private sector.

In details, the authority’s inspectors, in cooperation with representatives of Kuwait Municipality, implemented a court-ordered plan to control the violating workers who sell in unlicensed stores, such as groceries, waste sorting sites and bakeries, as the tour revealed the spread of stores that violate health requirements.

The inspection team in the campaign, as Dr. Mubarak Al-Azmy, Deputy Director General of Manpower Protection, affirmed that “the campaign aims to ensure the extent of employers and expatriate workers’ commitment to the labor law, as the team was able to catch a number of violators of labor laws. ”

Al-Azmi added, “After entering the region on successive periods, it became evident that there were a large number of violations and violations, given that most of the workers in it work in shops that do not carry any licenses.”

Regarding the seized workers, Al-Azmi stated that “those workers will be referred to the competent authorities, and the files of the employers who have registered that employment will be suspended and official measures will be taken against them.” The administration has taken its measures. The file will be reopened upon confirmation of actual activity.

In turn, the head of the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh municipality center, Hatem Al-Rashidi, said that “the violations of opening a store without a license were seized by the municipality, the violation of 3 street vendors for selling iron, copper and aluminum scrap, two violations of waste sorting, in addition to a bakery violation.”

Regarding the municipality’s procedures towards violating real estate, Al-Rashidi said, “Violations will be transferred to the legal department in the municipality, where the violation and the automatic number of the property registered with the Public Authority for Civil Information were photographed, in order to address the Ministry of Electricity to cut off the power to the violating property.”