Fahad Al-Ghamlas, Director of the Public Health Department and Chairman of the Main Committee of the (Shlonik) application at the Ministry of Health announced that the number of people who registered in the application through downloading it from various electronic stores (App Store – Google Play – AppGallery) reached about half a million beneficiaries.

Al-Ghomlas said today that the application is one of the important tools and technological solutions that the ministry relies on in following up on suspected cases of (Covid-19) during the home quarantine period and those infected with the disease during the isolation period.

He added that the application of (Shlonik) is also one of the most important technological developments that the state has introduced and that the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health has benefited from in its plan to combat the (Covid-19) epidemic and limit its spread in society.

He explained that the application was launched in the middle of last April with the aim of following up on those coming from abroad during the evacuation campaign before expanding its use to include contacts of positive cases and patients (Covid-19) after the advantages of the application in terms of saving time and effort for medical teams and the accuracy of following up people under quarantine and quarantine and taking Necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection among groups of society.

He stated that he supervises the application, in addition to the Ministry of Health committee, a multidisciplinary team representing many authorities in the country to ensure the high standards of efficiency, accuracy and protection of the application, the user and the groups benefiting from it.

Regarding the services provided by (Shlonik) in addition to following up people under quarantine , Al-Ghamlas stated that the application allows quarantined people to enter their vital data and report symptoms as soon as they appear so that medical teams can discover positive cases as soon as possible and place them under appropriate medical care.

He also pointed out the possibility of obtaining exit permits from quarantine for emergency conditions through the application, and a team of doctors has also been allocated to respond to the inquiries of people under quarantine and quarantine through the application.

He called on all people who are being followed up through (Shlonik) to adhere to the instructions for the application and respond to the notifications sent to them, as well as adhere to quarantine procedures for contacts and those coming from travel, and to isolate the infected ones in order to preserve the health of those around them and prevent the spread of infection in the community.