The Deputy Director-General for Financial and Administrative Affairs in the municipality, Fouad Al-Rughaib, revealed that the number of employees in the municipality is 7,255, of whom only 5 percent are non-Kuwaitis, after excluding jobs that cannot be occupied by Kuwaitis, such as grave diggers and dead launders, stressing that they are being done. The application of the replacement policy annually in accordance with the percentage specified by the Civil Service Bureau, and the municipality continues to adhere to the replacement rates, leading to 100% job training.

Al-Ragheib assured to the municipality magazine that the executive body is keen to adhere to the rules of budget execution and take serious measures to rationalize spending, determine the aspects of spending and seek communication and coordination with the regulatory authorities through continuous meetings, and to follow the values ​​of integrity, transparency and awareness in issuing the necessary circulars, and to rectify the insufficiency of internal auditing to ensure the safety Future financial and administrative audits, as well as responding to the audit bureau’s notes within the specified dates, working to avoid them as quickly as possible, and continuous cooperation to facilitate the task of the bureau’s representatives and the financial observers body to settle notes.