While the Ministry of Health stressed the need to adhere to health requirements to prevent infection with the emerging corona virus (Covid 19), the Ministry confirmed that health facilities apply the latest treatment and safe technical protocols followed in the most advanced health systems, issued by recommendations from the competent international organizations, urging everyone to investigate the accuracy of the information. Before trading it, because of the false information may represent health risks to the health and life of those who may listen to it and take it.

The ministry explained that the death rate in the country due to complications from infection with the Corona virus is still considered the lowest in the world, which indicates the strength of the health system and the effectiveness of the treatment protocols followed, calling on everyone to obtain medical and technical information from specialists, warning against being led by false information that is circulating with regard to protocols. The treatment followed and questioned it, denouncing some attempts to falsify the facts and spreading fallacies that could undermine the confidence of patients and their families in the national health system.

The Ministry, based on its responsibility and protecting society from the danger of misinformation, affirms that it has begun taking legal measures against those who promote or publish false medical information from non-specialists, which could destroy the health and lives of others.