Kuwait has taken the lead in the Islamic scene during the past two days, in support of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and it was one of the countries that reacted most and rejected the offense of the noble Prophet, through France’s insistence on publishing more offensive cartoons that provoke the feelings of Muslims and challenge their symbol. The victory and rejection came on both the official and popular levels. Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim called on the government to “denounce the intended abuse of the symbols of Islam and take practical action within the diplomatic environment to prohibit offending all beliefs around the world.” He denounced “the fact that some French and other newspapers publish cartoons bearing insults to the Messenger. Generous”.

The Union of Cooperative Societies issued a circular to the heads of the societies calling for a boycott of French goods and products, in keeping with the popular campaign to boycott French products in protest against the offensive graffiti of the Messenger, peace be upon him. Since last Thursday, a number of cooperative societies have removed all French products from their central markets and subsidiaries.

The union’s circular pointed out to the heads of “cooperatives” that “after discussing the display of offensive graffiti of the Messenger in public fields in France, and the insult they represent to the Islamic nation and in the belief in the cooperative role that is indivisible and indivisible on our Islamic constants, and out of the societal responsibility of the heads and members of the boards of directors of associations “Please boycott all French goods and products, and remove them from all central markets and branches of the associations.”