National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim called on the government to denounce the intended abuse of the symbols of Islam, and to take practical action within the diplomatic environment to prohibit offending all beliefs around the world. Al-Ghanim denounced the publication of cartoons in some French and other newspapers that insulted the Holy Prophet.

Yesterday, Kuwait, with its various currents and sects, rose up against the insults emanating from France to the Islamic religion. The media was also buzzing with calls to boycott French products and to take an Arab and Islamic stance against Paris’ insults to Islam. Parliamentary and political circles called on the government to take an official position, up to the political boycott and withdraw the ambassador.

The circles unanimously agreed that France’s stance is a direct insult to the Islamic world, especially after President Emmanuel Macron adopted the cartoons offensive to the Messenger (may God bless him and grant him peace) and published them in public fields, stressing the need to confront French behavior. It is worth noting that Islamic states and authorities have rushed to condemn the killing of the French teacher Samuel Patti, but they criticized the attempt to affix the accusation of terrorism to the true Islamic religion and hate speech