While the Ministry of Education is considering adopting paper exams for all academic levels during the end of the first semester of the current year 2020/2021, schools are currently working on preparing electronic exams for students to assess them according to the system approved in the currently applied distance education plan.

In this context, the Ministry circulated the directives of the mechanism for the achievement of academic subjects, which the “newspaper” obtained a copy of to all schools, as it confirmed that the evaluation process aims to determine the level of learners during the application of distance education through continuous evaluation through assignments, And the written and oral activities, reports, and work that they undertake.

In addition, the technical orientation of academic subjects began to inform the heads of school subjects’ departments of the need to start preparing tests to be applied to students in grades five to twelve, starting next week, indicating that the tests will be implemented through the “Forms” application within the “Teams” program. Approved for distance education in the ministry.

The sources said that the department heads were stressed on the necessity of applying electronic tests next week to students, noting that the teacher will prepare tests by applying Forms, in which there are optional questions and an essay question, pointing out that the time set for the exam is 10 to 15 minutes from class time.