His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled met at Seif Palace today, Tuesday, with the Economic Reform Team, the Social Media Regulation Team, the Demographics Adjustment Team, and the Education Strategy Team.

His Highness the Prime Minister listened to a detailed presentation from the head and members of the economic reform team regarding their coordination with the concerned authorities in the public and private sectors to extrapolate the developments of the current economic situation and its effects on the state’s financial resources, as well as practical visualizations and implementation steps that would contribute to strengthening efforts for economic and financial advancement .

Then His Highness also heard from the head and members of the social media organization team about their perceptions regarding dealing with the negative aspects of these means and the practical recommendations necessary to limit these deviations within the framework of the law and without prejudice to the atmosphere of freedom of opinion guaranteed by the constitution and the keenness to consecrate and preserve it.

His Highness the Prime Minister also heard from the head and members of the demographic adjustment team regarding the proposed solutions to restructure expatriate workers in all government and private sectors in all its security, social and economic dimensions, and set controls to reduce marginal employment and identify administrative, practical and legal gaps that lead to the increase in the number of expatriate workers. And the necessary legislation to hold accountable those responsible for this defect.

In the same context, Al-Khaled listened from the head and members of the Education Strategy Team to an analysis and evaluation of the current situation regarding plans for educational institutions in all their fields and specializations at the level of public and private education as well as higher education and to express an opinion on the plans put in place by the Ministry of Education and educational institutions and the precautionary measures to deal with the epidemic The emerging corona virus, Covid 19, to start the next school year.

His Highness the Prime Minister expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation for the good efforts made by the aforementioned four teams in preparing these valuable reports, stressing the need to discuss and discuss in detail in cabinet meetings in order to reach the best solutions to address these vital files and implement the best solutions for them.