Local Arabic newspaper Al-Qabas reported that the tripartite committee led by the Public Authority for Manpower, in cooperation with the Investigation of Residency Affairs and the Kuwait Municipality, started a series of intensive campaigns on random market sites in the country targeting workers who violate the labor and residency law.

Informed sources confirmed that the joint teams carry out daily campaigns on random markets and workers’ gatherings, in Khaitan, Jleeb Al-Shuyukh, Furawaniyah, Al-Wafra, Kabd, Al-Jahra and other areas through prior monitoring of these gatherings.

They pointed out that the campaign succeeded in less than a week of arresting more than 100 violators, as the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh campaigns witness daily seizure of at least 30 violators of the Labor Law, who engage in random work, or work in unlicensed places while they hold residency in accordance with Article 18 Or Article 20 where they are not.

Approximately 25 other workers were also arrested in a random market in the Kabd and Al-Wafra areas, who were working on selling food, vegetables and fruits.